Personality Research Corner

personality research
Our personalities have a bearing on many aspects of our lives and well-being outside of work as well as in it. This occasional series of articles looks at some of the research that has been conducted to look at the association between personality and significant issues in our society. Personality and obesity – is there
learning a new language
Have you ever found yourself tongue-tied in a foreign country, unable to speak fluently in a second language, despite having studied it, sometimes in depth or repeatedly at different times in your life? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then recent research suggests that you are not alone, and that personality factors might be playing a
team work
A new Quintax Team Role report has been developed based on our own SR&A model of team roles. It offers both comprehensive definition of the roles and clear development information and support. This article explores some of the history of the development of team role models and introduces the SR&A Team Role model. Finally, the
traffic light system
Quintax users have a new report option on the new Quintax website: Quintax Analytics! So why has the new report been introduced, and what is it about? The new report is intended to provide help to those users who employ Quintax in high stakes selection or progression situations where key employment decisions are to be