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We send out occasional Newsletters with updates, offers, research reports, and other content.  On a basis of 2 or 3 per year, they are unlikely to clog your in-box!  You can subscribe to our Quintax Newsletters at the foot of this page.  Click in the table below to see some of our past issues.

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Quintax Manuals 

Delegates who join our Quintax Qualifying Blended Learning courses (or their BPS equivalents) on non-discounted places receive hard copies of the Quintax User and Interpretation Guides as part of their course materials.  All our delegates have access to pdf versions during the course.  Hard copies can be purchased for £30 each, or £55 for the pair, plus p+p. Please contact us at our mail address to order.


We occasionally invite people who are registered on the website to comment on our blog posts and news items, or even offer a piece for us to publish.  We only extend this option to registered website users, and it is subject to moderation. ‘Moderation’ means the usual things!  By producing material for us to publish (whether in the form of comments on our blogs, news items, or other more substantive pieces) you are by implication agreeing to allow us:

  • To publish your work or comments on our website freely and without hindrance
  • To further disseminate your work or comments via social media in order to bring attention to them on our website
  • To edit your work to suit context and length requirements as necessary
  • To omit contributions, or parts of contributions, which we feel are inappropriate, offensive, or not in keeping with the purposes of our website blogs and the broader aims of the website
  • To observe your right to be recognised as the author of any material you originate

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Sample Reports

A range of reports can be produced by the Quintax psychometric website when a person has completed the Quintax questionnaire. The following – including a couple of useful guides for respondents – are examples.  Click to view:

Document TitlePurposeLink to Document
Quintax Guide for New RespondentsA pre-assessment guide for respondents who have been asked to complete Quintax.Guide
Understanding Your Quintax ReportsA guide for respondents to read with their reports.Guide
Profile ChartSummarises the results of a respondent’s completion of Quintax in a colour coded and easy-to-use chart.Report
Type ReportProvides a holistic description of the respondent (including strengths, tips for development, learning style and time management summaries) based on their Quintax results.Report
Managerial & Professional Impact ReportGives a full description and interpretation of the respondent’s results, including integrative summaries of temperament and other perspectives on the outcome. Includes a technical supplement for the Quintax User.Report
Innovation & Change ReportDescribes the respondent’s approach to innovation and creativity at work by positioning them on a ‘Creative Style Continuum’. Implications for other colleagues and for their attitudes toward change are covered. Report
Leadership Styles ReportGives an analysis of the respondent’s approach to leadership in terms of their transformational and transactional styles and their components. Also provides a basis for learning how to develop leadership skills.Report
Team Role ReportProvides an assessment of how the respondent’s profile impacts upon their behaviour in teams. Written in plain English, the outcome is also linked clearly to alternative models in the field of team behaviour with which users may be familiar.Report
Learning Style ReportProvides an analysis and metric for assessing how the respondent approaches learning. Using a model of the learning cycle with related scores, the report shows the impact of the respondent’s type on each stage of learning and gives helpful guidance on how to deal with areas of shortfall.Report
Analytics ReportIndicates how the Quintax respondent has completed the questionnaire against over 20 indices of interpretation risk. Also includes all of the respondent's answers to Quintax questions. Analytics is useful as a guide to feedback preparation. It is also helpful in remote assessment, and particularly in assessment settings with high stakes outcomes, e.g. in the selection or promotion of senior executives.Report

Completing Quintax for Yourself

If you would like to do so, as a registered user of this website you can complete Quintax on discounted terms and receive feedback on your results. Prices vary from £40 + VAT upwards depending on what feedback options you want to take up, e.g. by reports only or by the inclusion of the additional option of a 1-to-1 feedback by Zoom conducted by a qualified Quintax Authorised User. Contact us at for more information about this opportunity.

Additional Resources for Quintax Users

In addition to the resources described above, if you have created a login on this website you can click ‘Tools for Quintax Users’ in order to access more tools, support materials, and details of early bird promotions and discounts! If you are qualified but cannot access the Authorised Users page, contact us using the details below for help.