About Quintax

A talent assessment and management tool using psychometric testing

Quintax is a talent assessment and management tool developed in the UK for selecting, developing, and providing insights to people at work.

The Quintax tool is used:

  • in recruitment situations to see what personality differences exist between potential hires, and how this can impact on how they work
  • in one-to-one settings to give people insight about themselves so they can learn and develop aspects of their approach to work
  • to help teams improve their styles of interaction, work and cohesiveness
  • to support leadership development in organisations
  • to support career transition and life coaching among those choosing careers, switching organisations or jobs, or adapting to new life goals as a result of life events, retirement, or other factors


Why is Quintax Well Liked?

Quintax is:

  • Work oriented, modern, and developed in a UK context. More …
  • Innovative and versatile in design and application. More …
  • Technically robust – reliable and valid with excellent technical properties. More …
  • Rich in outputs that have a wide range of uses in understanding the person. More …

The Quintax Creative Style Continuum


Where is Quintax Used?

  • integrating into the selection processes for senior civil servants at the Ministry of Defence, and other public sector organisations
  • integrating into the selection procedures of private sector companies such as QHotels, Starbucks, The White Company, and many others
  • providing support at the Independent Police Complaints Commission for the selection of Senior Managers, Investigators and Senior Investigators
  • integrating into the career coaching work of career transition specialists such as LHH (formerly DBM)
  • providing a basis for individual and team staff development at a variety of housing associations such as Dane Plus, Cheshire Peaks & Plains, and others
  • supporting academic leadership development programmes at the University of Leeds and elsewhere
"Scientifically proven, accurate, useful for selection and development programmes..."
"Never met adversely by respondents, unchallenged, and never taken the wrong way or disagreed with..."
"Value for money! Not price prohibitive – effective and appropriate..."
"Quintax is many things to many people – a multi level tool!"

Talent managers and psychologists

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