Quintax: A solution for improving your selection processes

Getting the right people into the right jobs is key to your organisation's success. Selecting for the key technical and professional skills is essential. But experience tells us that this is not enough. Two equally well-qualified individuals can deliver markedly different levels of performance. You also need to know if people have the right behaviours to apply their expertise well within your unique culture. Can they work with colleagues and customers? Can you rely on them to deliver? How will they cope under stress?

Just as important as selecting in the right people is to screen out those liable to be ineffective. Choosing the wrong person is usually damaging – both for you and them! The costs in terms of rehiring, wasted training, lost productivity and missed opportunities are high. Hiring decisions always entail a risk. How can you reduce the risk of appointing someone who cannot deliver? Quintax provides objective information about personal styles that addresses these questions. Easily combined with traditional assessment methods, Quintax increases the accuracy of hiring decisions by ensuring a better match between the person and the requirements of the job.

Quintax was designed to enable accurate assessment of styles and behaviours relevant to today’s workplace. Grounded in 100 years of scientific development, Quintax provides reliable information about the five fundamental styles that are critical in determining person-job fit. It provides focussed analyses of leadership style, approach to change and innovation, team working style and overall professional and managerial impact. This information helps to identify people who best meet your requirements, and reduces the risk of making a bad decision. Now with Analytics, Quintax can provide an understanding of 'interpretation risk' by assessing unusual patterns of candidate response style, timings, and decision approaches during completion. This is helpful both in remote assessment and in 'high stakes' assessment situations.

We have used Quintax more than 200 times in the past few years as a tool within the recruitment process for senior positions having been introduced to it after completing Level A & B training with Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd. The reports are very user friendly and easy to interpret, whilst suggesting potential areas for development. In validating the reports, when providing 1:1 feedback, I find that candidates can identify the suggested traits and behaviours.

HR Director

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