Quintax: A modern solution for talent management and coaching

Quintax is a modern talent management tool which is both versatile in use and solution-rich in outcome. It is used for assessing people in terms of key personality attributes that affect how we approach the requirements and challenges of the workplace. Whether it be in terms of day-to-day activities and tasks, or in terms of more challenging demands such as dealing with organisational change and innovation, building the morale and resilience of a team, or providing leadership across a broader organisational sweep, Quintax has a great deal to offer the talent manager. At a personal level, Quintax is able to provide reliable and valid information that can be used to support individual talent development at work, or provide insights that would be of value in career transition and job choice.

The key solution areas to which Quintax is applied are:

Choosing the Right People: Quintax helps talent managers make better decisions when hiring or promoting people at work. Now with profile Analytics, Quintax can provide support in high stakes assessment situations involving senior hires. More….

Developing People and Teams: Quintax helps in development programmes aimed at enabling people to improve their performance, or that of their team, at work. More….

Career Transition & Coaching: Quintax provides key and transforming personality insights that can be shared between coaches and clients in the process of career selection, transition, and job choice. More….

Leadership Development: Quintax has a powerful leadership model and scoring metric to provide important feedback for those developing their personal approach to leadership. More….