Quintax: A solution for developing your people and teams

Your business depends on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent to achieve your goals. Research shows that job seekers are concerned with opportunities for learning and development. For many, learning is an essential component of building a career. Newly appointed leaders require development support as their job becomes increasingly less technical and more focused on managing and leading others.

The talent you need can be grown from within, but must be identified and developed. Many current employees are already committed and a good fit to your business culture. Development programmes focussed on key behaviours that underpin good performance can help to unlock the talent of motivated staff. Research shows that the two essential characteristics of both high performers and high potentials are: self-awareness in terms of personal strengths and liabilities, and an open-minded approach to learning and change. Quintax provides an excellent basis for supporting these two essentials at work.

Quintax enables enhanced self-awareness by providing comprehensive, intelligible feedback on fundamental styles. This helps people to see why certain behaviours come more naturally, while others are more difficult to learn. Quintax feedback reports include summaries of likely strengths, potential liabilities and development opportunities. The wide range of Quintax reports including learning style, approach to innovation and change, team role, and leadership style provide focussed information on key areas for individual and team development.

I have used Quintax for several years in a developmental context with a wide variety of clients facing social disadvantage who are thinking of starting up in business. I find Quintax a great tool to work with as it complements a strengths-based approach in my coaching sessions. Clients appreciate the quick and easy completion of the questionnaire online and I find the reports a useful tool for discussion when exploring personality strengths and weaknesses in a work or business context.

Chartered Occupational Psychologist

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