Using Quintax

How Can I Use Quintax?

Options for Using Quintax

OptionDescription Who can apply?Other Details
1Take Quintax for yourself and get some helpful feedback relevant to your work behaviour and styles.Anyone wanting to know more about how their personality preferences affect their work and career choices, and those of others.Send a message via our 'CONTACT US' page and we will send you some information about completing Quintax and receiving feedback on your results. Prices vary from £45 + VAT upwards depending on feedback and report requirements.
2Become a user of our Quintax Bureau Service.Anyone in a relevant professional role, e.g. in recruitment or selection, in learning and development, career counselling, leadership development, trainer etc.Need to assess someone for selection or development purposes? Let us know the details and we will assess the respondent and provide feedback for you. We will create and operate a Quintax Online account on your behalf. You will be able to choose among a range of reports, and you will be able to inherit the account if you later become qualified as a Quintax User. Our Bureau Service is subject to terms to protect you, your respondents, and Quintax against inappropriate use. We charge on a per candidate basis depending upon service level provided. Depending upon requirements, prices can vary from as little as £95 + VAT per respondent.
3Train up as a Quintax User and then use it on our Pay-As-You-Go system.This option is open to anyone who qualifies as an accredited user of Quintax. You can open an account and order units when needed in blocks, e.g. 100 or 200. Pay by invoice or credit card.Like to be fully in control of your assessment process? This option allows you to open and manage your own Quintax account, allowing you to assess respondents on an independent basis. You will need to be Quintax trained, e.g. via our Quintax Qualification course. Alternatively, if you are qualified in the British Psychological Society standard (Test User Personality) OR qualified to an equivalent level in another personality measure, you can complete one of our Quintax Conversion Courses. See below for our Quintax training options via rapid qualification or BPS routes. If you are already a confident and experienced personality assessor you can use our CONTACT US page to discuss alternatives to our training routes to gain access to Quintax. Prices, not including training costs, can be as little as £135 + VAT to open an account with 100 usage units - enough to assess four respondents with two standard report outputs: the Profile Chart and Type Report. Usage units can then be added at £135 + VAT per 100 units.
4Purchase a corporate Quintax 'training and units' package to get your company started.For organisations that want to introduce Quintax for the first time by investing strategically in a package of training places and Quintax usage units to get started.By investing up-front in Quintax use in your company, we can provide you with an attractive and economic package of training places and Quintax usage units. Quintax can be introduced alone, or alongside other tools in a layered approach to your talent management functions. Use our 'CONTACT US' page to request a discussion re options and prices.
5Become a Volume Quintax User.This option is open to anyone who wants to be able to use Quintax at volume levels in their organisation, e.g. in a large corporate, a university, or another similar institution.Bronze, silver, and gold licenses to use Quintax across a large population are available. N.B. your organisation will need to have at least one qualified personality test user for this option. Use our 'CONTACT US' page to request a discussion re options and prices.
6Become a Licensed Quintax Trainer.This option is open to established Quintax Users with experience in training. You can take your work with Quintax to another level by collaborating with us in developing the Quintax User base in the UK and/or internationally.Learn how to train and develop those who want to become Quintax Users. Your graduates will be able to register on and use our assessment website independently, just as our own training graduates do. Use our 'CONTACT US' page to request a discussion re options, costs, and rewards.

Training Routes to Becoming A Quintax User

Rapid Qualification Routes to Quintax Use

  • If you have no training in psychometric assessment, or if you are feeling rusty, you can complete a Quintax Qualifying Course by blended learning to become a Quintax Authorised User. The course fee includes a Quintax User Guide, a Quintax Interpretation Guide, and all the assessment usage units needed to fully complete the course exercises.
  • If you are already a regular trained user of a personality questionnaire, you can start working with Quintax straightaway.  We have a Quintax Conversion Course by blended learning that includes the same materials as in the Qualifying course, and this provides an efficient way of getting to know and use Quintax.  It covers the structure of Quintax, what it measures and how best to use it, and if you complete it you will have a chance to examine case studies, practise a short feedback, etc.  We advise all converters to take up the offer, however, if you are a very experienced personality assessor you can use our 'Contact Us' page to seek a discussion of alternative ways in which we can help you to get rapid access to Quintax.
  • Our blended learning courses involve studying and working through our learning materials on-line, with full tutorial contact provided by video-conferencing (Zoom or Teams) for general support and for practical exercises including feedback with Quintax.  Each course includes additional options for tutorial support, should they be needed, via our in-person support sessions (see training routes pages).
  • Click here for Course Prices, Information, Dates, and Ordering!


BPS Routes to Quintax Use

  • If you would like to follow a British Psychological Society route, you can complete this with us via our BPS Test User Ability course - this includes the Assistant Test User course - followed by our BPS Test User Personality (Quintax) course.  These are blended learning courses, and the course price includes all necessary materials for completion.
  • If you are already registered with the BPS as a Test User Ability on their Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), you can join us just for our Test User Personality (Quintax) course by blended learning as described above.  You can also contact us for information and options if your RQTU membership has lapsed.
  • If you are already registered with the BPS as a Test User Personality based on another instrument then you count as a qualified user of another personality questionnaire and you can attend our Quintax Conversion course in order to become Quintax qualified. However, if you are an experienced personality assessor you can contact us if you would like to discuss alternative ways in which we could help you to use Quintax.
  • If you would like to register Quintax as an ‘Additional Instrument’ on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use, then you must complete the Quintax Conversion Course as part of this process. The BPS registration route includes a portfolio of assessment exercises for the BPS TUP 'Additional Instrument Quintax' qualification.  As a BPS Verified Assessor, SR&A can affirm the competence of successful delegates for the BPS, but you must already be TUA qualified and registered with the BPS as a pre-requisite. Use our 'Contact Us' page if you would like to to discuss this option.
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Note for Experienced Assessors

If you are an experienced personality assessor and you need rapid access to Quintax,  please use our 'Contact Us' form to arrange a discussion with us.  We can then consider alternatives to conversion training by which our consultants can help you to become a Quintax user.

Quintax Licensed Trainers

Training in Quintax (both public and in-company) can be obtained from the publishers Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd or from any organisation recognised by us as Quintax Licensed Trainers and bearing the logo shown on right.