Quintax Team

Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd, Business Psychologists

  • SR&A was founded in 1991 with the aim of using psychometric science to help our clients improve the performance of their people. To support this end we have developed a variety of innovative products for use in people assessment and development. These include Quintax and a variety of other tools such as: Discovery, a range of Assessment Centre Exercises; the Career Motivation Indicator, an on-line measure for use in career transition work; and other on-line tools such as a generic 360 degree system for use in development situations.
  • Our work has also included provision of consultancy and psychometric training, in which we gained and have strengthened our reputation as a leading UK provider of Business Psychology services.
  • Supported by a team of highly professional Chartered Psychologists working as our associates, our key consulting Directors are Stuart Robertson and Derek Wilkie. Stuart and Derekare both Chartered Psychologists with many years of experience in the Business Psychology sector following successful careers in the academic world. Our corporate and client services are ably managed by our third Director, Diana Robertson.

Stuart Robertson BA (Hons), MSc, C.Sci., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

  • Established SR&A, and has since led it to a position where it has a nationally recognised reputation for quality in psychometric practice.
  • Has been involved in a wide range of assessment and development activities with numerous individuals and groups, and with many different purposes from career counselling, through personal development, to the selection of managers at Chief Executive level.
  • Led design and implementation of 360 assessment systems for use across SR&A clients.
  • Became a founding BPS Verifier at the inception of the Level A Certificate. Helped to guide and support the establishment of Level B verification spending one period as the BPS Senior Verifier (Level B).
  • Co-author (with Derek Wilkie) of Quintax, the Discovery Series, and the Career Motivation Indicator.
  • Presents and publishes regularly in professional and technical journals in selection and assessment, and has contributed a range of reviews to the BPS Reviews of Tests.

Derek Wilkie BSc (Hons), PhD, MSc, C.Sci., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

  • Has designed management competency models for a number of national and multi-national organisations.
  • Designed a global development centre process as part of a wider career progression strategy for a major petrochemicals retailer.
  • Made significant contributions to objective selection methods for employers in insurance, retail and government inspection bodies.
  • Led executive development processes in major national and international IT service providers.
  • Designed and implemented bespoke 360 feedback systems for organisations in a wide range of sectors.
  • Co-author (with Stuart Robertson) of Quintax, the Discovery Series, and the Career Motivation Indicator.
  • Derek has published regularly in professional and technical journals in the field of selection and assessment, as well as contributing to a recent BPS Review of Level B Instruments.

Diana Robertson BA (Hons), DipTP, MRTPI, CMS

  • Coming from a professional background in urban planning, Diana manages the corporate and client service requirements of the business.
  • With extensive experience in project management in multi-agency settings, Diana helps ensure that the co-ordination and delivery of SR&A services and products to clients is managed effectively to agreed timescales.
  • Diana also manages the internal delivery of corporate services, together with aspects of liaison and communication with members of our associate network.