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We have recently updated our shop window adverts in the directories available to the public on the British Psychological Society website.  See our Test Publisher entry and our Training Provider entry by entering our postcode (M16 9EA) or our other details via the search fields provided on the BPS site and check us out!
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Qualification routes for the British Psychological Society’s key testing certificates have now been added to our Blended Learning course portfolio.  The BPS Test User Ability (including Assistant Test User) and Test User Personality (via Quintax) qualifications have now been added to our learning platform with all fully verified by the BPS.  See our BPS training
We are pleased to announce that we have now launched 3 different blended learning programmes for people wanting to qualify as Quintax Users. These include a route to Quintax Qualification for those who have not completed any prior psychometric training, a conversion route for people already qualified in another personality assessment tool, and a route
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Recent press articles about research relating ‘niceness’ to the Agreeableness personality factor have caught our eye! The research we spotted was conducted for Monarch Airlines by Jonathan Freeman and colleagues at Goldsmiths University of London. It followed earlier research on the benefits of being nice – for both staff and passengers.  One finding of the