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Recent press articles about research relating ‘niceness’ to the Agreeableness personality factor have caught our eye! The research we spotted was conducted for Monarch Airlines by Jonathan Freeman and colleagues at Goldsmiths University of London. It followed earlier research on the benefits of being nice – for both staff and passengers.  One finding of the
EU ballot paper
Could your vote have been determined by whether you saw yourself as more similar to Boris Johnson or David Cameron? There is a common saying that ‘opposites attract’.  However, most of the psychological research indicates that we tend to be more attracted to those who are similar to ourselves in any of a number of
At a recent Association of Business Psychologists meeting in Manchester, Andrew Thorp spoke about the role of storytelling in influencing people. Andrew is a professional speaker and trainer with strong views about how storytelling can help us to reconnect with each other in order to improve our business relationships. The initial focus of his talk
We were recently approached by the University of Liverpool to design the content for a masters module on Leadership for their online MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology. The University of Liverpool is a member of Laureate, a network of more than 80 campus-based and online universities providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs to over