Quintax: A solution for leadership development

You need effective leaders in your business. Effective leaders identify and implement strategies to ensure its long-term survival and growth. Effective leaders motivate and inspire people to help achieve the business goals. Leaders are required not just at the top of the organisation, but at all levels to recognise and meet challenges to business success. The most studied topic in management literature, leadership is also very hard to define. Thus people struggle to see what is required of leaders and how to become better at leadership.

The concept of leadership has evolved considerably over the last 50 years. From initial theories that leaders are 'born not made', we have progressed to understand that effective leadership skills can be learned and developed. Studies of 'great leaders' demonstrate that each brought a unique set of attributes in their leadership style that enabled them to achieve their goals. Drawing on modern theory Quintax provides information about a person’s fit with the five essential components of transformational and transactional leadership. These are:

  • Communicate the Vision
  • Inspire the Team
  • Consider Individuals
  • Monitor Performance
  • Give Feedback and Reward

The Quintax Leadership Report enables people to evaluate their styles and preferences in terms of the requirements for effective leadership. Together with the Quintax Managerial and Professional Impact Report this information gives a firm foundation on which both prospective and practising leaders can build self-awareness of their approach and style. The Quintax Leadership Report signposts opportunities for development in each of the five key areas that are applicable to leaders at all levels.

(Quintax) .. helps candidates to make sense of feedback from Assessment Centre and accept observations of where they are now, and discuss their development going forward. Helps candidates get beyond fixed view of self and blaming you or the process - they know it is not just subjective L ine Manager or assessor evidence. Quintax supports the evidence from elsewhere. Quintax is brilliant system, one of the best psychometric tools I’ve ever seen, like having a crystal ball.

Assessment & Development Manager

for Public Authority responding to Quintax Survey