Benefits of Registering

As a user of this website you can:

  • Obtain a wide range of information about Quintax
  • Find out about using Quintax via our Bureau Service or by completing training to become a qualified Quintax User
  • Register for our Quintax Newsletter
  • View and download a range of sample reports
  • Undertake a personal Quintax assessment at a discount with the option of 1 to 1 feedback by phone/FaceTime/Skype

If you register on the website, you will also be able to:

  • Comment on our Blog Posts (subject to moderation) and submit blogs of your own
  • We will also be installing handy calculators and tools so that registered users of the website will be able to learn much more about Quintax Type
  • Registered users will also be able to follow our learning pages on Quintax and its use when these are uploaded

If you are already a qualified Quintax User, we will upgrade your registration on this website to allow you to gain access to additional resources such as:

  • Early news of updates and downloads to keep your User Guide and other resources up to date
  • Scientific papers relating to Quintax and our in-house research programme
  • Additional Norm and Type Tables
  • Downloadable interpretation aids and other practical tools to support Quintax assessment and feedback
  • Access to videos of Quintax feedback
  • A powerpoint Quintax workshop to facilitate your use of Quintax in training and development events with your clients
  • New and revised versions of Quintax Workshop Exercises
  • The full range of sample reports
  • Details of early bird promotions and discounts