Quintax: A solution for coaching and career transition support

In both career transition and coaching for performance, the identification and pursuit of goals that will meet the client’s needs is the key objective. Building a relationship of mutual understanding and trust is key to this objective. Quintax helps by providing an external reference point for the client to review their styles and preferences, and their implications for career aspirations and/or development goals. This enables more understanding of the client’s approach to the demands of work. With a clear focus on work, and with jargon-free reports written in a balanced but positive style, Quintax provides an affirming experience for the respondent. It enables a more objective and dispassionate picture of their approach to things and how they differ from others.

In coaching, the use of assessment needs careful judgment. Use of Quintax can enable:

  • speeding up the diagnostic stage of coaching, raising issues early and clearly
  • raising the client’s self-awareness re strengths and development areas
  • providing baseline information on styles and preferences
  • aiding development of a deeper rapport and alliance with the client
  • helping the coach to decide how to flex their own style to work best with the client
  • providing insights into the client’s learning style and ways of gaining mastery
  • providing a description of fundamental styles that can help the client put other measures of work performance (e.g. 360 feedback) into a context.

Quintax can be helpful to the career coach and client in a variety of ways such as:

  • understanding the impact of career transition on the client, e.g. at an emotional level
  • understanding and strengthening the client’s approach to transition, for example based upon how they deal with networking or transition planning
  • the personal fit of the client to potential new roles and organisations e.g. re job requirements or company culture
  • how the client should prepare for the upside and downside of transition, e.g. re establishing confidence and trust in a new work and social setting
  • by supporting and enriching the use of other career tools and techniques
Quintax profiling and reports have helped me and my clients gain a deeper understanding of their behaviours and how these relate to current or future career decision planning. The reports have facilitated client dialogue enabling the individual to gain personal insight into how personal styles and preferences impact upon performance and career fit. Administration of the instrument is easy and reports are seen by clients as valid and relevant.

Former Director

of global Career Transition company responding to Quintax Survey