Technically strong and based on the best of current thinking

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Quintax was developed to ensure high reliability and validity, providing assessments of respondents that are accurate and predictive of performance at work. Reviewed positively by the British Psychological Society, Quintax was one of the first to be designated a BPS Registered Test, a mark used to distinguish “genuine psychometric tests from other less rigorous instruments”. Based on the best of current thinking about personality, Quintax provides five key measures of the personality traits in operation at work. With a strong basis in measurement, Quintax is able to provide additional metrics covering aspects of leadership, innovation, learning style, and team role integrated into reports. Now with new analytics based on response style statistics, Quintax provides an assessment of the interpretation risk attached to a profile to inform user plans about feedback style in high stakes assessments. New 2015 norm tables based on a sample of 8840 people demonstrate the publishers’ commitment to continuing research and development with Quintax.