An innovative approach to assessing and describing people at work

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Quintax combines a modern approach to personality – the ‘Big 5’ model – with two alternative ways of describing people via ‘profile’ and ‘type’. This innovation enables both graded and holistic descriptions of people’s characteristics in terms of the 5 major traits of personality. It creates a flexible, application rich approach for the current user of personality assessment at work and is suited to assessment needs ranging from personal development and coaching all the way through to dealing with tough selection and progression decisions in high stakes settings with senior hires. Its 5 key traits cover all the key influences in personality rather than the more limited three or four factor approach of older type theories. A measure of Emotional Involvement introduces the impact of resilience or reactivity at work – a vital factor that influences our experience and ways of dealing with things at work. And by classifying responses rather than people, the Quintax model of type is far removed from crude attempts to box people off into self-limiting psychodynamic categories.