Terms of Supply

Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd
Terms of Supply of Quintax®

Issue: 6 December 2015

Quintax is  a personality questionnaire  published and supplied exclusively by Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd (SR&A hereafter) to ‘Authorised Users’ of the questionnaire. We expect Authorised Users (as defined by training or other requirements determined and set down by SR&A) to abide by the following principles in their use of Quintax.  If you are in receipt of Quintax materials and/or on-line units, and you are unwilling to abide by the following terms, then please return the Quintax materials to SR&A, and your order will be cancelled (including any on-line units) without penalty.

  1. Whether  currently a member of the  British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) or not, Quintax Authorised Users are expected to follow the professional advice and guidance in the use of Quintax implied by the Test User: Ability  and  Test User: Personality  standards  for occupational testing  of the British Psychological Society (BPS), and by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in their Code on Psychological Testing.
  2. Any decision to use Quintax in an occupational setting must be made by an Authorised Quintax User  registered as such with SR&A, i.e. an individual who has successfully completed appropriate  training  defined by SR&A, and delivered either by SR&A or one of its Licensed Quintax Trainers.  Similarly in any given setting the interpretation, feedback, and application of Quintax is the responsibility of Authorised Quintax Users.   Administration of Quintax may be delegated to a person trained to the BPS Assistant Test User standard, but this must be done under the control and direction of an Authorised Quintax User who must take overall responsibility for the assessment.   Assistant Test Users  are not skilled in feedback, and any verbal  or other feedback required should be decided and provided by an Authorised User.
  3. Quintax should only be used where it is specifically appropriate in assessment terms, and only with the informed consent of test takers.
  4. In many selection and other applications, the evidence provided by Quintax should be integrated and considered alongside other evidence from other sources  before any employment decisions are taken.
  5. When Quintax is  used, verbal feedback on the results should be given to the test taker.  It may only be omitted when there are very strong grounds for so doing, and certainly not when the basis of informed consent has involved an undertaking to provide feedback.  Where verbal feedback cannot be given, written feedback should be provided as an alternative.
  6. Authorised Users must respect the intellectual property rights of SR&A over Quintax. In particular, they must not copy or otherwise reproduce (in paper or via machine recording) any of the materials making up the Quintax product range, and they must not attempt to emulate, reverse engineer, subvert, or copy via any means any of the Quintax websites or other software designed to support the product.  Further, Authorised Users must not contract with others to perform any of the acts described above, or in anyway to subvert the intellectual property rights of the authors or of Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd acting on their behalf.  Failure to comply with this aspect will result in  immediate  removal from our list of Authorised Users, the suspension of any Quintax website privileges, and in appropriate legal action being initiated by SR&A.
  7. Authorised Users are expected to give appropriate recognition to the Quintax registered trademark.  This is achieved by presenting Quintax in writing as Quintax® when it is first mentioned in any report or other piece generated by the User, and as Quintax thereafter.  In addition a footnote or endnote to the first mention should be included as follows:  “Quintax is a  registered  trademark of Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd”.
  8. Authorised Users are not permitted to resell Quintax materials or on-line units  to others, or to act as a reseller of rights and privileges in the use of either a) Quintax assessment materials or  b)  the Quintax Online assessment service.  If an investigation determines that such an attempt has been made, the person concerned will be removed from our list of Authorised Users, their Quintax website privileges will be suspended and appropriate legal action will be initiated by SR&A.
  9. Authorised Users are not permitted to offer training or coaching in the use of Quintax to others.  Training and accreditation as an Authorised User may only be offered by SR&A, who maintain and update expert knowledge and skills in the use of Quintax on a continuing basis, and/or by  those with whom we contract to become Quintax Licensed Trainers* acting on behalf of SR&A.

‘Quintax’ is a registered trademark of Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd.

*Authorised Users, with an appropriate background in both psychological testing and training, who would like to consider becoming a Quintax Licensed Trainer should contact Stuart Robertson at the address or email shown below.

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